Share Your Campaign

It is our hope and intention to create Carepparel as a "Community" brand. Our mission is to create campaigns to sell apparel with $5 being donated to aid the homeless for each sale. This may be achieved in two ways if you wish to join the program.

You may wish to create a design to retail to the general community. With limited production for each design we look to achieve a specific goal. If you have a design idea and/or an organization you wish to share with us, please contact us through email or by calling (877) 737-6868. We will work with you to bring your concept to reality. We believe the more people are involved the more people will benefit within each community.

You may also order apparel wholesale for a specific event and include the Carepparel label. By displaying the Carepparel label you show your support for helping the homeless as well as the community. You will also be recognized on the website with a link to your website if you wish.

(877) 737-6868