About Us

Carepparel is a service of EKD Promotions, Inc. At EKD Promotions Inc. we are a full service promotional distributor and provide many specialized services to serve our customers and the community. Each of our websites, Carepparel.com, AblePromos.com, and EcoPromoSolutions.com serves a specific need or purpose.

As a promotional distribution company we have access to a wide variety of apparel and accessory options. We've created Carepparel.com with some of our quality items for your shopping experience with a portion of the proceeds from each sale going to aid homelessness. Check back often as some products may be replaced or new products added. Since we are a promotional distributor we rely on our vendors for inventory and selection. Our vendors are constantly updating their catalogs so we recommend you don't hesitate if you wish to order a particular item available in the Carepparel store.

ABLEPromos.com is dedicated to providing our customers a Web Based solution for all their promotional and apparel needs. This includes all your Embroidery, Screen Printing, and Promotional Product needs. Our virtual showroom provides you with access to hundreds of promotional vendors at your fingertips and 2 full apparel catalogs. In addition to the website, we have access to thousands of promotional vendors along with several apparel vendors in our database. You may choose to contact us directly to research and discuss potential promotional items if you prefer not to use the web.

EcoPromoSolutions.com specializes in providing our customers a resource to view a wide variety of Eco-Friendly promotional items and apparel. Along with quality eco-friendly items, you will notice some of the vendors also provide a social aspect to their products.

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